Hobbs Architectural Fountains began designing and manufacturing architectural water features in 1966 in Atlanta, Georgia. We are dedicated to engage in creative discourse and output with our collective 100+ years of combined experience in the water feature industry. Our staff includes conceptual designers, chemical engineers, civil engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and industrial designers. Within this company lies the talent and dedication to create the world's most enchanting fountains.

William J. Hobbs, President & CEO
Mr. Hobbs, the principal of HAF’s design and engineering team, is known for bringing the beauty and motion of water to landmark projects around the world. As a member of many national and international architectural design teams, Mr. Hobbs consults with architects and designers offering them innovative solutions to bare water with a new projects’ aesthetic goals. To further achieve his vision, he oversees new product designs and is the author and holder of patents for equipment and spray effects in the architectural fountain industry. With a passion for innovation and design, Mr. Hobbs has conducted lectures at Harvard School of Design, as well as seminars before the C.S.I (Construction Specification Institute), the A.I.A. (American Institute of Architects) and other architectural and landscape groups on the subjects of architectural fountain design and engineering.


  • Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Architecture/Industrial Design
  • Harvard School of Design