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Blue is the New Green!

Today there is a greater awareness of the status posed by limited water resources and climate change which is shifting the environmental conservation from green to blue. BlueGREEN™ goes well beyond the literal, and signifies a fundamental shift in the environmental movement- a shift led by forward thinking and more efficient innovation.  

This paradigm shift enables a strict focus on conservation by redirecting strategy to emphasize innovation and sustainability. The once ineffective environmental buzz quickly turned into a demanding epidemic as industry in all sectors of the market began to approach environmental challenges by realigning their best practices. BlueGREEN™ delves deeper into the new “blue” wave by partnering with today's leading innovators in sustainability, avoiding the “greenwash” and analyzing the increasing demand for more resourceful and responsible products. These are all conversations that Hobbs is having not just around the water cooler, but in the board room as well.