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Systems of Conservation - the eSeries™

Hobbs has offered the best quality pumping/filtration stations for over forty years; these pumping stations are custom designed per the specifications of its application, then factory built & tested before delivery on-site. By responding to the market's demands for products that save money and conserve resources, we now offer the eSeries™ advantage.

It starts with Product Development. BlueGREEN™ is the initiative that enabled our design team to develop a smarter pumping & filtration product line that is more cost effective and conserves more resources. These assemblies use Eco-Select™ pumps and filters that save water, eliminate or reduce noise, or otherwise contribute to a more environmentally responsible equipment station.

These assemblies are pre-built in the Atlanta manufacturing facility; this makes turnaround and delivery much faster, and the investment will not accrue the extra fees as do custom orders.

Contact one of our sales associates for further information regarding these standard vault and skid assemblies for your next project. Please call 770.457.3000 for technical sales support.


Hobbs Fountains is accustom to producing smart, custom designs and quality assured components in the aquatic design industry, and is known as the premium brand for water feature and fountain design. These pre-engineered pumping stations allow Hobbs to extend a stock item price and stock item delivery schedule.


The eSeries™ is a pre-engineered aquatic pumping and filtration system that arrives on-site as a preassembled and tested equipment package. This saves you, the designer, time and money which will ultimately save your client money.


The eSeries™ makes installation in the field quick and easy. This system was primarily designed to be cost-effective, and is the economical alternative to the Hobbs Signature Custom Pumping Systems.


Hobbs has teamed up with Pentair Pools Products to extend an ecoSelect™ product assembly yielding an energy-efficient specification- the same strength and reliability with less power consumption.