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Customer Service Inquisition
Dear Fountain or Pool Professional,

You are now the proud owner of a parts catalog over 40 years in the making. Established in 1966, Hobbs Architectural Fountains has been an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of architectural fountain systems and components. A solid foundation in engineering as well as a committed focus to quality components, new product research and development, and top notch customer support have been at the core of the company. Recent strategic growth in our company has allowed us the opportunity to expand our product line into neighboring industries. We can extend our expertise of Spray Effects, Pumping Equipment, Submersible Lighting and Water Filtration across a wide range of applications, and still provide the same consistent quality and support as always. Along with the products listed here, we are uniquely set up with a full range of capabilities through our other departments.

H2O Fun - Designed for play, these are fountains for kids of all ages. Our selection of interchangeable spray features allows you to be creative in designing the ultimate aquatic playground.

One Source Aquatics
- A highly specialized team of installers and builders with a focus on custom water features and fountains.

Our full-service customer care team are prepared to analyze and solve any water feature issue, assist in your replacement parts selection and will schedule a field engineer to service your system and even train maintenance personnel. Please feel free to give us a call at any stage of your project and let us know how we can help.