Hobbs Architectural Fountains, founded in 1966 by William Hobbs, is responsible for thousands of the fountains, water features, and special effects around the world. Internationally recognized for the ability to produce brilliant and entertaining water displays, as well as quiet contemplative fountains. The Atlanta based Hobbs facility contains the resources needed to ensure a smooth, efficient transition from the design, engineering, and construction phases to fountain start-up and maintenance training. An indoor test tank allows us to enhance design concepts, test new products including pumping & filtration systems, develop & demonstrate spray effects, and to create all scales of fountain prototypes. Prototyping fountain aesthetics and construction allow us to determine exact flow requirements and select materials to develop every imaginable water display.

Environmental effects like wind currents, regional climate, & noise levels are analyzed to determine resulting splash, and to fine-tune the overall design prior to equipment production and fountain installation. It is the combination of these resources that protect our clients from unforeseen construction difficulties, delays, and added expenses. The end results are water feature aesthetics as visualized in the initial design process.


As Hobbs Architectural Fountains moved into the new millennium, we realigned our internal philosophy and the corporate mission to meet growing needs for our clients. Now more than ever, we are investing in innovation and technology so to meet the needs of today's visionaries. Integrated teams have evolved into the following divisions to support and provide for any fountain need:

  • Hobbs Architectural Fountains (HAF) 
    A fully functional design and engineering division that can generate water features through new concepts and ideas or enhance existing thoughts or visions through renovation.

  • H2O Fun
    The H2O Fun division specializes in aquatic play water features and aquatic playscapes. With a new rebirth in product innovation and broader sales, H2O Fun strives for the finest water play equipment in the industry.

  • Floating Fountains
    Designs and manufactures floating fountain systems and spray effects in various sizes and configurations to meet any application (i.e. lakes, retention ponds, etc...)

  • Parts and Services
    Parts & Services manufactures and distributes a complete line of standard and custom fountain components and replacement equipment. Technical support, jobsite services and annual check-ups for any fountain system are also offered. Clients utilize these service personnel to promote the long life of their water feature and solve any of their fountain needs.

  • One Source Aquatics
    Hobbs recently teamed up with One Source Aquatics to turn their fountain plans into a reality. One Source has a team of experienced and factory-trained technicians who specialize in aquatic installations.