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H2Ofun aquatic play equipment was introduced in 1996 by Hobbs Architectural Fountains. Since then, the product line has grown to include all kinds of play features designed to inspire and ignite a child’s imagination. Interactive play is a key component of childhood development, and H2Ofun spray parks challenge children to explore and experience new adventures in a safe environment. The entire product line has been carefully designed with safety in mind for children of all ages. So go on ... get wet and have fun!


What is a spray park?

A Spray Park is an interactive recreational environment that squirts, sprays, mists, splashes, douses and otherwise drenches you in a safe, fun and stimulating outdoor play area. The “zero-depth” Spray Park is uniquely characterized by the absence of an open basin of standing water such as those found in a wading or swimming pool. Spray Parks improve a public space and provide an enriching setting for all age groups.

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  • Low operating costs: 

    • Potable water systems do not require daily maintenance and although a recycling system needs daily water treatment tests, the water source is minimal so there is little consumption of chemicals, little water loss and low overhead with no life guard required.

  • Low water consumption

    • If water consumption is a concern, careful selection of features with minimal water usage can allow you to have an environmentally friendly park. The aquatic play controller also allows you to program water activation for specific hours during the day.

  • Safety 

    • There’s no standing water so there’s no life guard required. A Spray Park is the ideal place to cool off and have fun for all ages. Above ground features have no pinch points and recessed spray jets. Toddlers, seniors citizens and handicap individuals will enjoy the park as much as active children.


207 Jeff Davis Place, Fayetteville, GA 30214

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