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600 Series
Pump Stations



  • The 600e / 610e / 620e Series Filter and Display systems are self-contained, pre-engineered underground pump vault systems designed for overall construction cost savings, as well as minimal maintenance upkeep.


Each ePAK arrives at the jobsite assembled, tested, and ready to set in place for a quick “fast track” installation. The fountain mechanical and electrical support equipment is housed in a corrosion-proof, water resistant fiberglass vault. All internal components are pre-installed, pre-wired and pre-valved, with leak-resistant penetrations through the exterior shell wall. Each penetration is labeled to correspond to the proper pipe or conduit that is to run to or from the vault, and as indicated in our complete installation drawing package.


Each vault can be conveniently located underground near the fountain resulting in cost savings on piping, wiring and labor. An ePAK is also an economical alternative in applications where leasable space would be required for an equipment room.


ePAKs are available in two standard sizes: 4PAK and 6PAK.

  1. A 4PAK can house a single 610e or 620e Filter system.

  2. A 6PAK can house either a 610e or 620e Filter system as well as a 600e Display system.

    1. 600e / 610e / 620e Series ePAKs are split into three main categories based on construction materials and component selection in order to meet specific requirements of a particular job.

      1. The Bronze Series (B) uses schedule 40 PVC components where possible.

      2. The Silver Series (S) uses schedule 80 PVC where possible.

      3. The Gold Series (G) is the industry standard for a truly custom and purpose-built fountain system.

    2. These three levels ensure that we are able to produce a system flexible enough to meet even the tightest project budgets.


  • Each ePAK is designed and manufactured with the following required equipment and optional standards.

  • 4PAK or 6PAK fiberglass shell with an aluminum access hatch featuring a landscape style door

  • Vent Fan System:

    •  4-PAK

      •  4” PVC inlet / outlet fitting with 106 CFM fan (120 volt, 0.20 amp, 3,000 RPM motor)

    • 6,8 & 10-PAK

      •  6” PVC inlet / outlet fitting with 549 CFM fan (115 volt, 3.25 amp, 1570 RPM motor)

  • Sump Pump (Standard with 6PAK, Optional with 4PAK) -

    • Float operated, submersible (NEMA 6) mechanical switch with plastic housing

    • U.L. listed 3-wire cord and plug

    • Light blue epoxy-coated cast iron motor and pump housing

    • 120 volt, 7.7 amp oil-filled motor, hermetically sealed

    • PVC discharge assembly, 1-1/2” union/check valve and 1-1/2” NPT connection

    • *Assemblies that do not include the optional sump pump must have gravity slope and check valve provided by installer on the drain line. Hobbs is not responsible for flooded vaults if this is not installed as described.

  • Electrical Control Panel

    • Delivered pre-wired and factory tested

    • Controls pump on/off, optional water level control, and optional fountain lighting

    • 1 and 3 phase versions, based on pump requirements

    • 1 and 3 phase panels can control up to (3) 500W lights or (5) 300W lights

  • U.L. Listed Electrical Control Panel

    • NEMA 1 painted steel enclosure

    • Main disconnect for power supply

    • Panel board with circuit breakers

    • Magnetic motor starter rated for the pump(s) selected

    • H-O-A selector switches for the pump(s), vent fan and fountain lights

    • 24-hour programmable time clock that is designed for two channel operation​

  • Water Fill / Level Manifold (Optional) -

    • Hobbs 600e-BS 3/4” Fill/Level Manifold

    • Type “K” copper construction

    • 120V, single phase, slow-closing ‘make-up’ valve

    • * Installer is responsible for back flow preventor and pressure reducing valve on incoming water line.

  • Additional items with 6PAKs include:

    • Access light

    • 8’ fiberglass access ladder


  • Effective: These systems deliver everything you’d expect from a world-class fountain manufacturer.

  • Economical: ePAKs are pre-engineered and assembled. Taking all the guess work out of the process saves you money.

  • Effortless: All systems are pretested and delivered to the jobsite ready to perform.

  • Efficient: Careful selection of energy efficient components and green friendly fabrication ensure that these systems make as little an impact as possible on our environment

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