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400 Series
Electrical & Lighting

Aside from the spray effects, no other part adds more visual impact to a fountain than its lighting system. A well-designed electrical system is needed to support this important artistic element, as well as pumping and other systems. The 400 Series contains a wide variety of high-quality electrical components.

Factors to Consider:

1) Type of water effect
2) Ambient lighting
3) Lens color
4) Maximum height of spray effect to be illuminated
5) Pool depth and configuration

It is important to remember that fountain effects are subjective and involve many variables. The guidelines listed here are general design parameters. Please contact our office for lighting layout consultation for your specific design.

Our Recommendations:

The type of lamp we recommend for our most popular spray effects is shown on the chart below: 

The use of colored lenses is subjective and affects the number of fixtures required. High ambient light level will reduce the brilliance of underwater lighting. Only clear, amber or turquoise lenses should be used in high ambient light conditions. Clear lenses provide the greatest light output and yield a spectacular effect. Amber and red lenses provide the next most light output. To create the same illumination as with clear lenses, approximately 50% more candle power is required when using amber and turquoise lenses. Red requires 100% and blue and green require 250% more candle power. Taller spray effects require more candle power and narrower beams. If in doubt, use a medium flood type lamp.

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